NOTE: I’d like to warn everyone that this memoir is super long and fairly detailed. I’ve broken it up into chapters to aid with navigation. Feel free to read as much or as little as you please. Or, if you prefer, just skim through and look at the pictures. I wrote this more for myself so that years from now when the memories start to fade and I start to wonder if it really all happened, I’ll have this record to force it back into reality.

A NOTE ON PHOTOS/VIDEOS: In order to spend as much time as possible appreciating the shows in the moment, I didn’t actually take many photos or videos myself. I’ve included some of the ones I did take, and most of them are fairly poor quality simply because I was shaking with excitement and couldn’t be bothered to actually *focus* on a subject.

In some instances, I’ve borrowed pictures from other social media sources and given credit when necessary. The few video clips that I did take are mostly very very quick clips, just to give a snippet idea of the general mood of the experience. If you’d like to see more, check out any of the many fansites that have much higher quality material.


Background – My history as a U2 fan
Night 1 – 5/26/15
Night 2 – 5/27/15 (Special Night!)
Interlude – 5/28/15 – 5/29/15
Night 3 – 5/30/15
Night 4 – 5/31/15 (Special Night!)
Interlude II – 6/1/15 – 6/2/15
Night 5 – 6/3/15

Other sites for pictures and info:





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