Photo credit: Nia

“Dream beneath the desert sky…” Photo credit: Nia

The days between shows were a blur of social media updates, retweets, emails to photographers and rewatching the videos over and over. I was having a hard time eating, my system too jolted by all of the experiences to care for food or sleep or much of anything except U2. It was an odd stretched-too-thin feeling that was hard to shake and yet felt fun and exciting. We went to the beach. We went around town. We drove to Joshua Tree and spent about twenty minutes hunting for the Joshua Tree pictured on the album “The Joshua Tree” before realizing that we were in the wrong National Park. Good thing we only spent 20 minutes searching. We watched old videos—PopMart and Elevation shows. We went down to the Roxy to check things out and ran into Sara, who’d tried all day to get in and still didn’t make it. It was a pair of beautifully aimless days spent drifting with the wind.





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