Saturday 5/30 – Night 3


Round 3! North Side again

Saturday’s show was an anti-climax for me, not in terms of the performance, but because Wednesday was a tough act to follow. It also hurt that Nia couldn’t be there. I hadn’t been able to score a ticket for her and it being a weekend show, they were hard to come by. Also, after not-sleeping, not-eating, and not-hydrating, my body had started to protest and I felt in my throat the beginnings of a cold. But you’d be surprised what it takes to keep me away from a U2 concert. I loaded up on pills and vitamins and toughed it out.


Later on, Nia was finally able to come with me to the pen and we camped out under the heat of high afternoon while we waited for them to show up. After a couple of hours, Edge’s bodyguard came over and announced that Edge would come by just to say Hello to fans, but not to sign any autographs. That angered some of the eBay hounds (good) but pleased the rest of us. Nia got to see him up close and shake his hand. I shook his hand and tried to thank him but I’m not sure he heard. His bodyguard however came over and complimented me on my camera work from Wednesday. That was great to hear.

During the show that night, I had another spot on Adam’s rail, an even better spot than Tuesday night but I don’t think he was able to see me. I was disappointed because I had made a huge “Thank You” sign and taped it to the rail and hoped that someone would be able to see it, just so I could express how much I had appreciated everything they do and also that they invited me on stage. Before the show, another one of the security detail members gave me a high five for my work. I pointed to the sign and mouthed “Thank You” (he was wearing a headset, and with the show starting it was too loud to hear). He nodded and mouthed it back, which was also very nice.


Position on Night 3


For most of the show it seemed like the sign would go unnoticed until Bono drifted down to my end of the stage during “City of Blinding Lights.” He squinted, studied my face, then smiled. I waved and smiled back. He put his hands over his heart and bowed. I knew he understood.

The show finished up as wonderfully as always. During the pre-show festivities I had the pleasure of meeting John and his friend who were seeing their 2nd show this tour. I went home and looked forward to being able to bring Nia back with me.

(Playing “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” which the day before I had told Nia that they would never play >_<)

(Adam looking hot during the opening of “Bullet the Blue Sky”)

(“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”)

Overall it was another great show, just as I’ve come to expect from this awesome band. The energy was high and on point, and the performances were beautiful. It would have been nice not to feel so sick, but it didn’t take away from the night too much.

Next: Night 4 – 5/31/15 (Special Night!)

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