Interlude II



We had expected Sunday to be our final show together, and I was even more bummed for a solo visit to the Wednesday show than I had been for the Saturday show. Something deep down inside us didn’t want to be separated, so we spent the lingering two days before Nia’s flight to NYC by each other’s side. Nia came to work with me. We made our social media posts about the amazing week we’d had. We went to Malibu and listened to a mellow U2 playlist during the sunset drive back. Again, we watched the stage clips over and over, watched videos over and over, and danced danced danced.

I had already lined up a buyer for Nia’s ticket for Wednesday, a cool mellow rocker named Dan who’s been going to U2 shows for the past 20 years. But little did I know that Nia was working the strings of fate, asking our dad if there was any way to push her flight and extend her trip long enough to catch the final LA show. A few different things happened at once—we asked our dad to check and he somehow found a mystery flight which had been completely unavailable at the time of booking only a weeks earlier. Around the same time, Dan was understanding enough let me hang onto my ticket, and also kind enough to give us compliments. Most of the people we met this week had kind things to say to us all around, proving once again that U2 fans are some of the best people on Earth.

 Next: Night 5 – 6/3/15 FINAL SHOW

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