Hamlet and My Problems: Infinity, Madness, and Literary Paralysis

While much of this site has primarily concerned itself with the nexus of film and screenwriting, I expect that this will change more and more in the near future. I've had a religious conversion of sorts back to the written word. A repentance brought on by night visions and fever dreams. For anyone interested in … Continue reading Hamlet and My Problems: Infinity, Madness, and Literary Paralysis

Hipsters & Daggers: “Hamlet” London Theatre Review

"I thought it was dystopian!" "I thought it was modern?" "I thought it was the past…" The Millennials are confused, and understandably so. The Barbican Centre's production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, directed by Lyndsey Turner and filmed before a live audience, presents a unique and refreshing perspective on the 400-year-old play. It is not the … Continue reading Hipsters & Daggers: “Hamlet” London Theatre Review

(Don’t!) Let the Beat Drop: “Whiplash” Review

Like the title suggests, Whiplash is a jarring and explosive event, striking with a force and power that stuns and reverberates for moments to come. Director Damien Chazelle doesn’t direct a film so much as he conducts an orchestra, leading with a barrage of percussion and brass then, deftly, employs gentle finely-tuned writing to create … Continue reading (Don’t!) Let the Beat Drop: “Whiplash” Review