Hipsters & Daggers: “Hamlet” London Theatre Review

"I thought it was dystopian!" "I thought it was modern?" "I thought it was the past…" The Millennials are confused, and understandably so. The Barbican Centre's production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, directed by Lyndsey Turner and filmed before a live audience, presents a unique and refreshing perspective on the 400-year-old play. It is not the … Continue reading Hipsters & Daggers: “Hamlet” London Theatre Review

Requiem for Nightmares: “Black Mass” Review

Black Mass is not the typical glorified gangster film of mob bosses living lives of splendor and decadence while wielding exceptional power. Rather, it is a cold and distant examination of violence and manipulative cruelty. Based on the book of the same name, Black Mass transports us to the snow-strewn and crumbling streets of Boston’s … Continue reading Requiem for Nightmares: “Black Mass” Review

The Game is On(line): BBC’s “Sherlock” in the Age of Social Media

Because they’re able to get away with it, British television seasons are usually much shorter than American ones, often resembling a typical cable air schedule. Seasons may contain anywhere from 6 to 12 episodes, with start dates unpredictable. Sherlock tortures its fans with three 90-minute episodes and an undetermined hiatus between seasons. So far we’re … Continue reading The Game is On(line): BBC’s “Sherlock” in the Age of Social Media